Confessing Church members will normally teach and lead small groups of girls, organized by age, regularly. This program is designed to supplement, not be in the place of, the teachings of parents and the church.


  1. Reciting a memorized opening declaration of purpose and singing a song together.
  2. Bible reading, study and discussion using prepared lessons.
  3. Completing the requirements of 'Badge work' which teach the girls Bible lessons, arts, crafts, domestic and other life skills. (Badge work is optional to each club.
  4. Involving the girls in recreational and social activities that develop their appreciation of God's creation and each other's communion.
  5. Organizing activities which teach Christ's love by reaching out to others in need.


  1. Counselors must be a confessing member in good standing belonging to the local Church. They must be appointed and approved by consistory.
  2. Counselors are encouraged to commit to the development of their abilities as individuals and as a team to God's glory.
  3. A Junior Counselor must be a member of the local Church and be familiar with the program. She would also be encouraged to the development of her abilities to God's glory.


  1. Girls must be in grade four (age 9) to join Kingdom Seekers. The five (5) year program will continue till girls enter grade nine (9).
  2. Each girl must come to the meetings with a Bible and a pen or pencil.
  3. The girls are required to respect the counselor's authority. Misbehaviour will be dealt with in the following way:
    1. The Counselor will try to resolve the problem.
    2. The Head Counselor will become involved if the problem persists.
    3. The parents will be contacted by the Head Counselor if this becomes necessary.
    4. The Education Committee or Youth Advisory Committee will also be ready to assist.
    5. Parents of girls from un-churched families must agree to the above.


  1. All parents are encouraged to understand the requirements of Kingdom Seekers
  2. Parents are encouraged to support and promote Kingdom Seekers
  3. Parents and Counselors should endeavour to work together
  4. All parents of girls attending must agree with the various requirements outlined in this paper and sign their name where indicated.


  1. Churches should ensure that they have the required insurance, covering all activities done by the Kingdom Seekers.
  2. Each Church and Club must take responsibility for their own financial obligations for the operation of a Kingdom Seekers Club.


A uniform is required for all Kingdom Seeker functions (unless specified in advance by counselors). The uniform will consist of a black skirt and white blouse with a maroon scarf. No jeans are permitted. Black slacks/dress pants may be worn as well.


  1. Each evening opening devotions will normally be held in a group setting. Either a counselor or a group of Kingdom Seekers may lead these devotions.
  2. The girls will separate into their groups for Bible study. This is ended by one of the girls closing in prayer.
  3. After the Bible study, time would normally be given to crafts and badge work.

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